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Each issue of the Public Health Lens focuses on a current public health topic. Our purpose is to inform members and the wider public health sector; to provide a resource for members and friends of the PHA to use in their work; and to inform the thinking of the general public.

The Lens, Volume 2, Number 1: Housing in New Zealand Oct 2016.

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Our latest issue focuses on Housing in New Zealand. It has been guest edited by Dr Julie Bennett, a Research Fellow for He Kainga Oranga/Housing and Health Research Programme at the University of Otago, Wellington.

Julie Bennett has worked and done research in the field of public health in a range of roles. Her research interests include reducing inequalities, air pollution, respiratory health and housing. As such she is eminently qualified to ensure a wide range of knowledgeable perspectives in the Lens.

We are grateful to Dr Bennett and to all the contributors, and we hope this resource will help its readers gather, share and learn!

Volume 1, Number 1:The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Apr 2015

For this issue we have selected the TPP as the subject of focus. It’s an important topic, and also timely as the next TPP ministers’ meeting is expected to be held in Hawaii this month.
Some of the pieces we have written ourselves. We have also invited contributions from a range of New Zealanders – most well known for their concerns about the TPP.
 They may not all agree on everything and they don’t necessarily represent the views of the PHA.  But on one thing we all agree. The health of New Zealand’s people and climate must come before the business interests of multi-national corporations!

We hope this resource will help you gather, share and learn!

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