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Alcohol imposes a heavy burden on the health system.The United Nations affirmed alcohol as one of the four major risk factors in the four major noncommunicable diseases: cardiovascular disease; diabetes; cancer and chronic respiratory disease. More


The PHA is concerned that all children in New Zealand have the very best start in life. Children matter because they are human and deserve full human rights. More

Climate change

The World Health Organization has described climate change as the defining issue for public health for the 21st century. More


The PHA supports community water fluoridation as an effective, ethical public health measure which protects and promotes oral health, and reduces inequalities in New Zealand. More

Food and nutrition

A balanced diet is essential for good health. Poor nutrition is a major source of ill health and death, and a cause of health inequalities. More


Poor quality housing is a public health issue for New Zealand. More


Social and economic factors have a fundamental impact on health. More

Institutional racism

Institutional racism is defined as an entrenched pattern of differences in access to resources and power determined by race, which advantages one sub-population while disadvantaging another. More

Māori wellbeing

Advocating public health policy for Māori is one of the key planks of the PHA’s strategic plan. More

Physical activity

There is a global trend of decreasing levels of individual physical activity. More

Ultraviolet Radiation & Sunbeds

New Zealand has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world. Melanoma is the fourth most commonly registered cancer here, the most commonly registered cancer in men and the second most commonly registered cancer in women in the age group 25-44 years. More

Tobacco control

Tobacco smoking is a significant cause of death and suffering for thousands of New Zealanders each year. More

Trade agreements

Trade is a health issue. The PHA supports a fair regime of trade/investment law that: More

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