Aims and values


The PHA’s aims are to:

  • promote informed public debate on health and health services
  • participate in the formulation and evaluation of health policy
  • promote research and disseminate knowledge relevant to the health of New Zealanders
  • support informed and co-ordinated action on public health issues
  • support and encourage the development of trained and effective people working for health
  • be a strong and informed advocate for health
  • develop an efficient and effective organisation through which these aims can be achieved


These are the principles and standards by which the PHA will operate. The PHA will also seek to have these values reflected in the actions of others to achieve our vision of health equity.

Tautoko – Respect must be shown for the rights of all people.

Manaakitanga – Equity of outcomes is to be achieved by equal treatment of people in the same situation (with unequal treatment of people who are in unequal situations).

Kotahitanga – Collective action and solidarity is needed at all levels of society (national and local government, iwi, hapu, local communities, whānau, families, and individuals) for collective good.

Mātauranga – Decisions should be made on the best available evidence; when that evidence is limited the precautionary principle should apply and evidence should be progressively gathered.

Matatika – Integrity, honesty, openness, transparency.

Our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi

The PHA recognises Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Aotearoa New Zealand’s founding document, defining respectful relationships between tangata whenua and tangata tiriti. The PHA is committed to ensuring that Te Tiriti values of respect, partnership, equality, and full participation infuse all our policies, actions and services.

This means that our governance and decision-making must reflect Te Tiriti values - the specific needs of Māori, and kaupapa Māori solutions must be factored into all decision making about public health.

The PHA – a strong and informed collective voice for a healthy and well New Zealand.

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