The PHA is an incorporated society and registered charity. We are subject to the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and the Charities Act 2005.

The PHA is governed by our Executive Council. The Council is responsible for determining national strategy and policy. The Rules of the PHA (amended 2015) set out our aims, membership, structure and governance processes.

The Council consists of nine members, current Council members are:
  • Lee Tuki, President
  • Martin Witt, Treasurer

  • Grace Wong, Asian Caucus Representative

  • Adrian Te Patu, Vice President, Maori Caucus Representative

  • Layla Lyndon-Tonga, Vice President, Maori Caucus Representative

  • Emma Rawson, Member

  • Robert Beaglehole, Member

  • Ramona Tiatia, Member

  • Vacant - Pacifica representative

All Council positions are two year terms, no member can serve in the same role for more than four years.

All matters of operational leadership and policy are the responsibility of the Chief Executive.

PHA Governance Documents

Governance Resources

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