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This page provides a range of resources and support for branches. Areas include:

PHA Branding

The PHA logo (right) is available for use by caucuses, branches and special interest groups. Use of the logo should be approved by the chair of the group using the logo. They can seek advice from

Please ensure that all resources follow the PHA style guide. Download the PHA logo.

There are three variations of the PHA logo, please do not create any further alternatives. You can find out about the elements in our logo here.

Brand Colours


CMYK – full colour print: 18C/90M/77Y/66K
RGB - website: 94R/15G/16B 
Hexadecimal colour value: 5E0F10

Light Green
CMYK – full colour print: 16C/18M/93Y/1K
RGB - website: 138R/168G/69B
Hexadecimal colour value: 8AA845

Olive Green
CMYK – full colour print: 75C/38M/87Y/28K
RGB - website: 63R/103G/61B
Hexadecimal colour value: 3F673D


We use the Gotham font suite.

PHA Email Addresses

PHA email addresses are available to all PHA caucuses, branches and special interest groups. The email address is normally managed by the secretary or chair of each group. In some cases, all officers of that group make use of the address.

To request a PHA email address or to reset the password for an existing address, please contact

Any information for your group will be sent to this email address.

Branch Newsletters

The PHA uses MailChimp to manage newsletter emailing lists. All PHA email lists can be signed up for at

Each PHA group will be provided with a single login for Mailchimp.

This can be requested by emailing

Please do not set up separate Mailchimp accounts for your branch, it is important that we are able to maintain a single mailing list for all PHA contacts. 

We have developed a brief guide for Using Mailchimp.

Curating content for Newsletters can be a challenge, particularly when a number of people are contributing. We recommend the Diigo social bookmarking tool. This allows multiple people to contribute content while minimising the time involved in putting together the final newsletter.

Website and National Newsletters

We welcome articles for our website and newsletters.

Please see the Editorial Guidelines for further details.

PHA caucuses, branches and special interest groups are welcome to submit event announcements, opinion pieces, and other relevant articles. If you want to discuss potential submissions, please email

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