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PHA Conference 2016

Unfortunately, it has become harder and more expensive to pull a conference together based purely on voluntary effort. So the PHA has decided not to hold a conference this year (2016), but to offer other ways for the workforce to engage around the big issues facing public health, while we re-think our conference model for the future. It is fully anticipated there will be a PHA Conference in 2017.

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About PHA Conferences

Ordinarily, the PHA holds a conference in a different region each year.

There are several objectives of the annual conference.

  • Education: The conference is a major educational and networking event for groups and individuals working in public health in New Zealand. It can therefore play a significant role in developing and maintaining the competence of public health workers whose needs for continued learning and development are ongoing.

  • Advocacy: The conference provides an opportunity for publicity and media events on issues of high public health concern. International and local speakers provide excellent opportunities for advocacy.

  • Fundraising: The conference provides an essential basis of financial support for the PHA. It provides funding for the host branch, and for national operations. It provides funding for the host branch, and ensures the PHA has independent income to advocate for public health free from contractual constraints.

Past Conferences

Programmes, abstracts and presentations from recent years' conferences are available online (where possible).

2015 – Healthy people, healthy nation Public health is everybody's business Visit the Conference website | Programme | Abstracts | Presentations
2014 – NZ Population Health Congress: Connecting communities, policy and science; (jointly hosted by the PHA, the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine and the Health promotion Forum). Visit the Congress 2014 website | Programme | Abstracts | Congress Proceedings | Congress Declaration
2013 – Partnership or Collaboration; is there a difference? Visit the Conference website
2012 – Equity from the start – valuing our children : Programme ( 2.6Mb)  |  Presentations  |  Conference Statement
2011 – Vision, Sustainability and Diversity: Programme ( 4.5Mb)  |  Presentations
2010 – Tomorrow for tomorrow's people: Programme ( 482Kb)  |  Presentations
2009 The Underpinnings of Public Health Practice: Research and Values
( 2.5Mb)
2008 – Tapu Noa - Environmental physical or both ( 1.5Mb)
2007 – Te Torino - Reimagining Health ( 726Kb)
2006 – Sustaining Public Health ( 301Kb)
2005 – Making the Links for Public Health ( 935Kb)
2004 – Growing our Own ( 44Kb)
2003 – Tino Rangatiratanga in Public Health ( 951Kb)

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